Why We Fight!

Raise Up San Diego, founded in 2013, is a broad community coalition fighting for economic justice. We are pushing San Diego to reflects the diversity of our communities by creating a County where anyone can afford to live, work, and thrive.

We envision a San Diego that provides a healthy living and working environment for all, with fair wages, safe working conditions, accessible and affordable housing and transit and a safety net to support people in times of crisis. The voices of working people need to be heard and valued, not just business interests.

Latest in Economic Justice

Did you know the City of San Diego raised the minimum wage in July of 2016?

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If you work in the City of San Diego:
  • Your employer is required to pay you $11.50 per hour
  • Your employer must allow you to accumulate and access 5 paid sick days a year
  • Your employer must post a notice at your workplace that they provide both of these benefits
  • Your employer cannot retaliate or punish you for requesting or accessing either of these benefits

Visit My Employer Stole from Me for more information.

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