Tell the Mayor working San Diegans deserve better

Tell the Mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, to act now to ensure San Diego workers collect their hard-earned pay

We the undersigned urge the mayor to protect San Diego workers and law-abiding employers by actively enforcing the earned sick days and minimum wage law. The City must:

  • work with community partners to inform workers of their rights to file claims
  • do the due diligence to protect workers who file complaints from retaliation by their employer
  • instigate investigations in industries where wage theft is rampant

Employers paid below the minimum wage an estimated 40,000 times in San Diego and Imperial counties last year, yet only 82 people filed complaints with the labor commissioner’s office. With so many working families struggling to make ends meet, paying below the minimum wage further devastates the economic security of those who can least afford it.

A recent study, Confronting Wage Theft, highlighted that fear of retaliation discourages workers from filing complaints for wage theft. More than a third of the people who filed complaints reported that their employer retaliated against them, usually by firing them. We must protect hard-working San Diegans and ensure they receive their fair pay for their work.

Please sign this petition to add your voice and urge the Mayor to protect hard working San Diegans!”